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In September, my company notified me I would need to move to Colorado as part of a job promotion. My family and I were very excited about moving to a new state and starting a new chapter in our lives. Not surprisingly, one of our biggest concerns was selling our home. In today’s economy, we were worried selling our home may take months and be very stressful. Of course, we wanted the process to run smoothly and quickly so we could be on our way to Denver. We need to find a real estate team who would take care of our needs.

Jerry Armen & Alphonso Lascano were the right men for the job. They made everything possible. We met with Jerry & Alphonso, who assured us they could meet our expectations. Their dedication and hard work was evident from day one. Jerry and Alphonso and their team made everything possible. We sold our home without any hassles and now we are on our way to Denver.

Thank you, Jerry & Alphonso!

~Xavier & Rina Castanon

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