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This morning I woke up thinking about the process that sellers go through when putting a price tag to their properties. How do people come up with a number? Is it because of a Zillow or Redfin estimate? Because my neighbor Sally sold her house for a specific amount of cash and my home is prettier? Maybe it is based on the financial needs of the seller? Is it all the above?

The truth is, in many occasions sellers come to me with a specific number in mind; Sometimes that number is very high, and other times really low. My responsibility as your realtor is not to put a price tag to your property, but rather to understand your needs and help you take an educated decision based on the supply and demand on the market, and what matters most to you.

For that reason, I want to provide you with a preliminary ONLINE HOME EVALUATION Free of commitment and at no cost to you. Just input the address of the property you want me to check on the formulary below this article. I will PERSONALLY put together an evaluation and have it ready for you in less than 4 hours of less. I will send out an estimate range for the property along with some comparables of houses like yours that have recently sold in the area.

And why would you trust me? I have been in the real estate industry for almost 2 decades, but years mean nothing in real estate. Experience is measured in successful transactions (buying and selling), and just in 2019 I closed over 60 deals. You can check my profile HERE. Hope to her from you soon.

Have a blessed day,


Jerry Armen


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