How To Find The Right House To Buy In Glendale CA

By Jerry Armen


If you’re looking for a house to buy in Glendale CA, you need to ask yourself some questions: Are you a rehabber, or do you like the modern ammenities?  Do you like doing a little remodeling yourself, or do you prefer turn-key property?  A lot of new home buyers don’t understand that remodeling a house can be costly, or that you can run into unexpected problems, and those unexpected problems mean more money!


The Old House:

When you’re looking for a house to buy in Glendale CA, you might come across some older houses, and although they may appear cozy and charming, you might inherit some unknown problems that could cost you an arm and a leg!  So, if you’re looking to buy an older house, you need to keep in mind that old houses might come with old problems.


Which House Suits You Best:

When you’re looking to find the right house to buy in Glendale CA, it’s important you find which type of house suits you best!  Do you like to be near the woods, maybe near the hotspots and downtown area, a house with a gate or fence to let your dog run loose, or do you want a high-rise with a beautiful view?  Do you need to be close to public transportation, or are you looking for a two-car garage?  These are all important things you need to figure out before buying a house.



As previously mentioned, when you’re looking for the right house to buy in Glendale CA, location is of utmost importance!  If you’re a first time home buyer with kids, location can determine the school district they belong in, as well as how far your daily commute to work will be.  Location can also determine how far you are from shopping, restaurants, and downtown life.  These are all important factors when deciding to purchase a house.


Resale Value:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time home buyer looking for a house to buy in Glendale CA, you always need to think about the resale value of the property.  If the all the houses in the neighborhood have two stories, and you bought the only house on the block with one floor, this could really hamper your chances of reselling in the future!


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Tips To Help You Find A House In Glendale CA

By Jerry Armen

Whether you’ve recently outgrown your house, had a job transfer, or you’re just looking to move closer to your grown children, the process to find a house in Glendale CA doesn’t have to be complicated!  Local realtor, Jerry Armen, provides you with some of the best tips to help you find a house!  He advises starting out by picking the location that fits your needs and your budget, and move on from there!


Search Your Local Paper!

One of the first ways to find a house in Glendale CA is to search through your local paper for property listings.  Your newspaper and local real estate guide can be a great sources in your search for a new home, as all realtors list their properties here.


Check The Internet!

Another easy way to find a house in Glendale CA is to do some online research of your own.  A lot of sellers and realtors list their properties on the internet or their company websites.  Jerry offers online browsers the opportunity to see his featured listings as well as other properties he’s sold in the area.  You can also find details about the area you’re looking at, such as school districts, churches, recreational areas, etc.  This is a great start to find a house in Glendale!


Drive Around Your Desired Area!

If you’re looking to find a house in Glendale CA, a great way to go about that is to drive around!  Real estate agents place signs on the properties that are up for sale so it can easily be seen by the public.  You can easily obtain the listing agent’s contact information and give them a call to set up an appointment.


Contact A Reputable Real Estate Agent!

The most important tip to find a house in Glendale CA is to contact a reputable real estate agent, someone who has experience in the area, and a history of good reviews.  A great realtor will know all property listings in Glendale, as well as the surrounding areas.  They will be able to help you look for the house you desire, one that fits your budget and your needs.  Not only will they find your listings based on your criteria, but they’ll help you with all paperwork, from the beginning to end.  When you hire a real estate agent, you don’t have to do anymore looking on your own, they’ll take care of everything for you and make the entire process easier on you!


Jerry’s best advice to help you find a house in Glendale CA is to find a realtor you can trust!  This is the biggest financial decision of your life and you should be guided by a real estate agent that will always have your best interests at heart!


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Thinking Of Buying A Home In Glendale CA? Do Your Homework First!

By Jerry Armen

So, you’re thinking about buying a home in Glendale CA–whether it’s in a few months or a year, it’s important you do your homework first!  Nobody wants to be caught up and slowed down by surprises down the road!

Here are Jerry Armen’s top recommendations for every home buyer in Glendale!


Check Your Price Range!

The most important homework you can do when buying a home in Glendale CA is to check your price range to determine what you can comfortably afford.  A simple way to figure this out is to multiply your taxes by 2.5.  For example, if you earned $60,000, you times that by 2.5.  This should put you at $150, 000 and lenders base their loans on a third of your gross monthly income.  Test the guidelines by examining your current monthly spendings.  This includes any car payments, personal loans, clothing, transportation, and entertainment… Will a new mortgage payment still allow you to comfortably live with all these other expenses?


Plan Ahead!

Another important tip before buying a home in Glendale CA is to plan ahead!  When you’re considering buying a home, you need to think about all the expenses that come with a house!  This includes, heat, monthly home insurance, electric, gas, water, and any other maintenance and repair costs that need to be figured in.  Or, what if you’re considering buying a condo, did you factor in those condo fees.  What if the condo doesn’t include a parking spot, did you think about the extra cost for a garage or monthly parking?


Your Down Payment!

When doing your homework before buying a home in Glendale CA, you need to keep in mind about your down payment.  How much will you be able to put down on your house?  Remember, a lot of lenders require a minimum down payment of 5-10%.  For example, if you’re buying a house that’s worth $150, 000 and the lender requires 10%, did you account for that much?  Always compare lenders so you know in advance how much of a down payment you need to save!


Compare Prices With Other Homes On the Market!

Before buying a home in Glendale CA, it’s crucial to check the prices of recently sold homes in the area!  Checking the comparables will give you better knowledge on the value of the property you’re looking to purchase.  Knowledge of what other homes have sold for in the past three months, will give you an idea of what is a fair purchase price for your potential new home.


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Must-Dos Before Buying A House In Glendale CA!

By Jerry Armen

You may think you’re ready for buying a house in Glendale CA, but do you really have all the knowledge that you need?  Do you know how important your credit score is?  Are you familiar with Federal Housing Administration loans?  Do you have a down payment?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time home buyer, or an experienced one, buying a house in Glendale CA requires a methodical process.

Here are some essential must-dos and things you should know before buying a house in Glendale CA!


Build Up Your Credit Score!

If you’re planning on buying a house in Glendale CA, it is important to strengthen your credit score.  Since you’ll most likely need a mortgage to buy your house, you need to make sure it’s as squeaky clean as it can be!  To avoid any unforseen problems when buying a house, get copies of your credit report to make sure everything is correct and there aren’t any problems that need to be fixed beforehand.


Figure Out How Much You Can Truly Afford!

When thinking about buying a house in Glendale CA, it is important to find out how much house you can truly afford!  And, there are different ways of figuring this out.  If you’re using FHA financing, as almost one-fifth of buyers do, your home payment cannot exceed 31% of your income.  And, for a regular loan, an easy formula to follow is not to have home expenses go over 28% of your monthly income.


Save Money For Your Down Payment & Closing Fees!

When buying a house in Glendale CA, it is essential to save money for your down payment and closing costs!  You can save from 3.5% up to 20% for your down payment.  Putting a nice down payment can reduce your mortgage payment significantly, which will help your monthly budget and save you tons of interest in the long run!  For example, on a 30 year mortgage with 5% interest, putting a $10,000 down payment could save you up to $9,000 in interest over the term of the loan.  Another important thing about having a larger down payment is that you won’t need mortgage insurance, this is if you can afford to deposit more than 20% of the house value.


Hire A Home Inspector!

Another crucial step before buying a house in Glendale CA is to always hire a home inspector!  A home inspector is specialized in assessing a property and finding things a normal home buyer can’t see.  Sure, the house might look beautiful to the naked eye, but what if there are foundation problems, issues with draining, or even termites?  Buying a house is a major investment, and you need to  find out that the house is 100% free of problems before buying it!  A home inspector will provide you with a report of all his findings on the home, which can save you a ton of money and frustrations down the road!


Buy A House You Like!

And, finally, when buying a house in Glendale CA to buy a house you really like!  You’ll likely be living in this house for many years, maybe even raising a family there.  You need to make sure this is the house that’s going to make you happy for many years to come!



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How To Prepare Your House For Sale In Glendale CA

By Jerry Armen

Every seller wants to get top dollar for their home and have it sell quickly, but that doesn’t just happen with luck!  It takes a lot of planning to get top dollar for a house for sale in Glendale CA.  Careful planning and knowing exactly how to spruce up your house will have buyers opening their checkbooks and making offers on your property!

Here are some great ways to prep your house and make it irresistible to buyers!


De-Personalize Your House!

When you have a house for sale in Glendale CA, it is important you de-personalize it!  Pack up all your belongings, including photographs, family heirlooms, children’s artwork, toys, etc.  Buyers can’t get past the owners’ personal items when viewing it.  The idea is to make the buyer imagine it’s their own house, with their own pictures on the walls, not yours.


De-Clutter Your House!

Another important thing to keep in mind when you have a house for sale in Glendale CA is that it should be de-cluttered!  Over time, people tend to acquire a lot of junk.  A good rule to follow is if you haven’t used it in a while, you probably don’t need it!


Helpful Tips For De-Cluttering Your House:

-If you don’t need it, think about donating it instead of throwing it away.

-Remove all books and magazines from shelves.

-Box up all the knickknacks that are sitting around.

-Clean everything from the kitchen counters.  To do this, put all your  daily essentials in a box so you can easily access it while your house  is for sale.


Get A Storage Unit!

A great tip to follow with a house for sale in Glendale CA is to rent a storage unit for all your unnecessary furniture.  It’s important to keep in mind that a house is more appealing with less furniture in it.  Remove all worn out furniture such as sofas, bookcases, and oversized furniture to help your house appear larger!  The idea is to make the potential buyers imagine their furniture in the house, not having them scratch their head, trying to think where their furniture would fit.

Make Small Repairs!

The most important thing to keep in mind when your house is for sale in Glendale CA is to make all those little repairs you’ve done such a great job of neglecting over the years.

Great Examples Of Things That Should Be Cared For:

-Replace any cracked tiles around your house.

-Patch all holes in drywall.

-Fix any leaky sinks, faucets, or toilets.

-Fix all doors that may not close properly.

-If your house has odd paint colors, you should  repaint with neutral colors to attract buyers.

-Replace all light bulbs that have been blown out.



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