Helpful Glendale CA Realtor Advice

By Jerry Armen


Maybe you’re tired of renting and thinking about buying your first home, well, now is a great time to do it!  But, before you start looking around for your first home, make sure you’re educated and prepared with this helpful advice from local Glendale CA Realtor, Jerry Armen at Team Rock Properties!

Review Your Credit Score!

One of the most best tips from our helpful local Glendale CA realtor is to always check your credit score!  Lenders base your mortgage on different factors including income, assets, and debt to income ratio.  But, the most important factor when it comes to getting a mortgage is having a high credit score!


Set A Budget!

Glendale CA realtor, Jerry Armen, advises everyone interested in buying a home has a planned budget to help them determine exactly how much house they can afford.  He stresses the importance of knowing ALL of your monthly expeditures and having them in writing so you know EXACTLY what you spend and what can afford to take on.


Start Saving!

Once you figure out your budget, it’s important you start saving money for a good down payment!  Glendale CA realtor at Team Rock Properties suggests to have at least a 10% down payment when you’re ready to buy a home.


Pick The Right Neighborhood!

Glendale CA Realtor, Jerry Armen, explains the importance of picking the right neighborhood to fit your needs!  Whether you’re looking for a suburban neighborhood or the downtown areas, it’s always important to remember location plays a big role in purchasing your first home.  It can play an even bigger role for those who have children, or plan on raising a family because choosing the right school district is important.


Have A Home Inspector Ready!

It’s always important to have a home inspector ready to check the house you’re interested in making an offer on, states Glendale CA realtor, Jerry Armen.  Having a home inspector check the house can save you a lot of headaches and cash down the road.  Home inspectors can reveal issues that can’t be seen by potential home buyers.


Find A Reputable Realtor!

The most important thing you must do as a first time home buyer is to find a reputable Glendale CA realtor to guide you through out the process and represent you through the negotiations.  Always look for someone who knows the area well,  and doesn’t hesitate to get you the best deal!


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