Glendale CA Realtor Tips For Making Your Home More Sellable

By Jerry Armen


When most people list their home for sale, they tend to get caught up solely in the appearance of the exterior.  While curb appeal is important when selling a property, it isn’t going to sell a house on its own, explains local Glendale CA realtor.  People want to see where they’ll be living and that means the interior too!  And, there are a lot of things home sellers can do to improve the appearance of their home to immediately impress potential buyers!

Remove Clutter & Knick Knacks!

When a potential buyer enters the house, the first impression is everything, explains Glendale CA realtor, Jerry Armen.  It’s important to make them fall in love with the house upon first sight.  By removing clutter and knick knacks, you give them the ability to see the house for what it is, not the clutter you’ve accumulated over the years.  To clear the clutter, pack your knick knacks into boxes or storage containers and put them neatly in a shed or garage.


Make Your House Stand Out!

Local Glendale CA realtor explains the importance of making your house stand out from others they may have toured.  Do some outdoor landscaping, seal your driveway, get a professional powerwash, or if you have a backyard, build a nice deck to appeal to families.  Anything you can do to give your house a fresh look and stand out is getting one step ahead of the rest!


Put The Icing On The Cake!

Glendale CA realtor, Jerry Armen, explains that a great tip to quickly sell your house is to sweeten the deal!  You can offer potential buyers a couple thousand dollars towards their closing costs, or pay them completely!  You can also include appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, even washer and dryer.  This can often make a deal for many buyers that don’t want to put money out!


Price It Right!

Pricing your house right is crucial to make it more appealing, says local Glendale CA realtor.  You don’t want to make it too high, or too low!  You need to do a comparison of other houses on the market and then price it at fair market value.


Get Help Expert Help!

Local Glendale CA realtor expresses the importance of hiring expert help when it comes to selling your home!  A professional realtor has the knowledge and connections to get your house sold quickly and for top dollar!  Hiring the right realtor can make the selling process much easier on you and your family!


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