Glendale CA Realtor Tips For Buying A Home This Fall!

By Jerry Armen


Whether you’re a first time home buyer, or have owned before, if you’re looking to buy a house this Fall, know that Fall is actually great time to buy, advises Glendale CA realtor, Jerry Armen.  Even though Spring is the best time to buy, Fall is second in the runnings as houses aren’t in high demand,  making properties more affordable for buyers!

Be sure to follow these great tips from our local Glendale CA Realtor!

See How Much You Can Afford

Glendale CA realtor, Jerry Armen, explains that the most important thing when looking to buy a home is knowing how much you can really afford.  By getting pre-qualified, you’ll be able to know your monthly mortgage payments and know what properties are in your price range.


Save For A Down Payment

Another important tip for buying a home this Fall is to always save up for a down payment, advices Glendale CA realtor, Jerry Armen.  Having a good down payment can also help eliminate private mortgage insurance.  It will also make your mortgage payment smaller, meaning less interest over the term of the mortgage.  And, another perk of having a hefty down payment for your home is that you’ll have instant equity!


Choose The Proper Location

When looking to buy a house, it’s all important to choose the proper location, explains local Glendale CA realtor.  Picking the location that meets your lifestyle is vital!  You don’t want to be stuck in an isolated area if you’re into the city living or visa versa!  If you plan on growing your family perhaps you’re best suited in a surburban neighborhood.  Everyone has their personal preferences, so it’s up to you to choose the best location.


Hire The Right Team

Glendale CA realtor, Jerry Armen, explains the importance of hiring the right team of realtors to help you search for your new home!  The right team of realtors will help you find the perfect home through their extensive data bases.  He advises that the right team will guide you through the process of buying a house and help you understand everything that is involved.  A great realtor will avoid using real estate jargon without explaining what everything means.  He encourages you to find someone who is helpful and makes their clients priority, every time.


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