You guys ROCK!!!

” In September, my company notified me I would need to move to Colorado as part of a job promotion. My family and I were very excited about moving to a new state and starting a new chapter in our lives. Not surprisingly, one of our biggest concerns was selling our home. In today’s economy, we were worried selling our home may take months and be very stressful. Of course, we wanted the process to run smoothly and quickly so we could be on our way to Denver. We need to find a real estate team who would take care of our needs.

Jerry Armen & Alphonso Lascano were the right men for the job. They made everything possible. We met with Jerry & Alphonso, who assured us they could meet our expectations. Their dedication and hard work was evident from day one. Jerry and Alphonso and their team made everything possible. We sold our home without any hassles and now we are on our way to Denver.

Thank you Jerry & Alphonso!

~Xavier & Rina Castanon”


“Four years ago when we were thinking of moving, there was only one sign we wanted in front of our house, and that was Jerry Armen. When we decided to put our house on the market we called Jerry. Jerry made us feel very comfortable, knowing that working with him and his team (Team Rock), we were guaranteed we were in good hands! A few days later, not only did we have Jerry Armen?s sign in front of our house, but our house sold in less than 2 weeks after being on the market. Jerry, Narz and Alphonso were with us every step of our way during the sale of our home. Not only did Jerry Armen represent us for our sale but also for purchasing our new home. There are many agents out there, but only one name truly stands out in the neighborhood and that is, Jerry Armen and Team Rock! We highly recommend Jerry Armen! Jerry, Narz, Alphonso and Edwin we thank you for your dedication, honesty and commitment during the sale and purchase of our homes! You?re awesome and you truly do care about your customers. Thanks for making us your friends!

~Paul, Eva, Ruby, Jessica, Tony & Thomas Chiaravalle”

Bill Leustig & Ania Kubik

“In our case, time was of the essence. We had taken a long time to decide to sell our home of sixteen years and we needed to get a good price in a tough market for our beautifully remodeled house. Jerry assured us that with aggressive marketing in the first two weeks of listing, along with strategic pricing, we would have multiple offers by the end of the second business week. Jerry knows his business inside and out. We had two workable offers by the end of the second week. With Jerry’s expert advice regarding the offers and Meg’s hard work and follow-through, our counter was accepted and escrow closed quickly and smoothly. Jerry and his team made things happen!”

~ Bill Leustig & Ania Kubik

Susie Sims

“Jerry Armen and Team Rock (Alphonso, Edwin, and Meg) are AWESOME! Being a single Mom and never having done a real estate transaction by myself before…I was scared. I called Jerry Armen after havingto count. Jerry sold my house within about 5 weeks. In my heart, given my unique circumstances, I know I could not have succeeded without Jerry and Team Rock. No other realtor could have done what Jerry and his team did. If you are serious about selling your house, call Jerry Armen. That was the best phone call I every made. Jerry and Team Rock, really ROCK! They helped me change my life and they can help you too!”

~ Susie Sims

Don and Paula Lemmer

“When it came down to choosing a realtor to sell our family’s home we new that there could be no one better than the Rock. The relentless barrage of marketing, the barbeque open houses, and his team of knowledgeable professionals had me and my family impressed from the moment we signed up with his company. Even with setting the challenge higher than what the market could bare, Jerry’s wisdom and expertise led us to where we needed to be. Alphonso, Narz and Edwin could not complement his team more. They were always there to go the extra mile, took the time to sit and go over all our million questions and were key in helping negotiate our over asking price. There can not be a better group of real estate professionals in this city. Thank you Team Rock for getting the job done!”

Vano & Hilda Baghdasarian

“Not a day goes by that we don’t look around and ask ourselves,Can you believe we own this house? We would not have been able to say that without the amazing work of Edwin and Jerry. We had a pretty specific list of things we wanted in a home, and we wanted to keep the search narrowed down to a rather small section of a desirable neighborhood; all this with a budget that was going to be a challenge. Edwin & Jerry took the challenge in hand and worked aggressively right from the start. They weren?t afraid to knock on doors, make phone calls, be available day or night and answer one of our million phone calls. We walked through many homes, and they were such a great source of insight, especially since as first time buyers, we lacked the benefit of experience and knowledge. Then they found us the one and before we knew it, we were submitting an offer. They were there to guide us through every step of the way, especially with the help of Narz who went over all the documentation & answered all of our questions. The energy, professionalism, and knowledge are unmatched, and thanks to Team Rock, we can now say what we had longed to say for so long: Home Sweet Home.”

Achaessa James

“It can be a challenging and scary situation when your property is underwater and you’re having a hard time making your mortgage payments. I went to Jerry because I knew him to be an expert in our neighborhood. We evaluated all the options and short sale ended up being the best resolution for my specific situation. I really appreciated that he understood my situation and made a tailored recommendation. He found a buyer right away and his team members were the absolute best in answering all of my questions and dealing with the bank and escrow company throughout the process. I really consider Jerry Armen and Team Rock to be short sale specialists and have even referred another friend of mine in a completely different part of LA because Jerry’s expertise and understanding of short sales extends far beyond my little neighborhood.”

~Achaessa James

John K.

“Selling your house must be one of the hardest decision you make in life and especially in this market. Once I decided to sell,I started to interview various real estate agents. After meeting Jerry,I felt that he was very experienced and honest,so I made a decision to list my house with Jerry. Jerry and Team Rock members,Edwin,Alfonso and Meg,are top notch professionals. Because of their experience and hard work,my house had multiple offers within two weeks,it was in escrow within two months and the escrow was closed in 45 days at full asking price at $425 per square foot. Throughout the process Jerry was guiding me with his knowledge and experience,while Meg was constantly keeping me updated. Even though as I mentioned,some of the decisions were not very easy,I never felt that I was being pressured. Team Rock members were always there for me. I highly recommend Jerry and Team Rock and want to thank everyone for their perseverance and professionalism. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.
Thanks again Jerry for lending me the truck with the lift gate,after the sale of the house, it came in very handy and thank you Edwin,Alfonso and Meg. I can not thank you enough.
When Jerry says 99% of homes sold at or above asking price within 90 days he is right. ”

~ John K.

Stephen and Madelene Cohen

“Jerry and Team Rock are great! They are true professionals and are easy to talk to. They addressed our concerns and answered our questions as quickly as possible. We always felt like the sale of our home was in good hands which was reaffirmed by the quick sale of our home during a challenging time in the market. Thank you, Team Rock!”

~ Stephen & Madelene Cohen

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